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Our purpose is to manufacture and distribute the best quality of compressed wood logs at competitive prices to meet all your heating needs.

Mirabûches Advantage

At Mirabuches, you will only find quality logs, compressed at high density to provide superior heating efficiency.Because they are unbreakable, our logs are more resistant and burn longer to offer the best thermal performance. Made ​​of 100% hardwood, our logs do not clog the pipes of your stove and they generate a very low rate of creosote in the chimney. Since our logs consume completely they generate a very small quantity of ashes and facilitates the maintenance of your heating equipment.

Located in Mirabel, in the Laurentians, our company is proud to serve most regions of Quebec with its fast and professional delivery service.

Our environmental commitment

As we know, the health of our planet is in danger. Among earths most damaging factors we can count the increase of greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation, which both affects the quality of the air. Heating with natural wood, which has known a strong popularity growth in the last decade, is partly responsible for these harmful effects.

Aware of this reality that contributes to the global warming, we want to do our part to improve the situation.At Mirabûches, we propose an alternative to change this harmful habit. Our ecological logs, made of hardwood sawdust 100% recycled, greatly contribute to the reduction of deforestation. For every tonne of densified wood produced at Mirabûches 12 mature trees are saved*.

In addition to saving our boreal forest, the recovery of sawdust offers an alternate ending to wood waste. By giving a second life to these wastes, we can avoid the production of more greenhouse gas emissions in our municipal dumps.

Green logs are also less toxic during their combustion. Since they contain no chemical additives, our logs produce fewer polluting particles in the air. Compared to natural wood, compressed wood produces nearly 50% less emissions into the atmosphere.

Ecological logs, a responsible choice for our planet’s future!

Mirabuches in the medias

Journal Le Mirabel, Comment c’est fait – Les bûches écologiques Mirabûches, Friday July 12th 2013

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* Environment Canada, Densified logs reduce the impact of residential wood heating, 2005

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